I am writing you about an exciting change. The original company to manufacture and distribute the Workmaster Products was Steam Service, Inc. This company was consolidated into APC-2000, Inc. a few years ago, which continued to manufacture and distribute these carpet maintenance products along with a line of Pet Products. During the last 2 years I have been in charge of this product line for the company. However, with the growth of APC-2000, Inc. into the other products it has decided to not pursue the Maintenance Product line and effective 24 December 2005 those products have consolidated with Knapp Manufacturing.

Knapp Manufacturing has been a manufacturer of Maintenance Products for over 35 years. Their main product line was for the Janitorial Trade and included floor polishes, strippers, and other hard surface products. Now with this consolidation, we will be able to offer these hard surface products as well as the familiar carpet care products.

The labels will change with a new Knapp Manufacturing logo and new company name. The Workmaster logo has been retained by APC-2000 as they use this on their pet products. Rest assured however, that the carpet care products remain the high quality products you have used in the past.

I will continue to manage and market the carpet care products and integrate many of the hard surface products into this marketing. Thank you for your continued trust in me over the last 30 years.

New Address: 10662 E. Shields, Sanger, CA 93657

Order line Toll Free 1-877-278-6630

Manufacturing Direct Line 1-559-284-1471

Fax 1-559-292-0903

I want to thank you for your past purchases and use of these Carpet Care Products and look forward to continuing that relationship.


Bob Astone

Knapp Manufacturing, Inc., 10662 E. Shields, Sanger, CA 93657, Phone: 559-284-1471