Pre Solv Soil Pre-Conditioner - Traffic Lane Spray - 1: 19 Dilution Rate

Heavy soil in traffic areas and entry ways can frustrate your cleaning and cost you time on the job. Pre-Solv dissolves heavy soil deposits in minutes. Excellent for use on restaurant carpets. Pre-Solv can be sprayed onto heavily trafficked areas to loosen the toughest soils and oils and help lift matted fibers for quick, thorough cleaning.

Highly concentrated with a 19: 1 dilution rate, Pre-Solv contains no solvents or ammonia.

In some cases of extreme soiling, Pre-Solv can be applied through a rotary scrubber without additives.

The use of Pre-Solv Carpet Pre-Spray can save the carpet cleaner time on the job and, therefore, money. At first review, many cleaners perceive the application of a traffic lane spray as an extra time-consuming step. Closer analysis will reveal that properly used, a pre-spray will sufficiently soften and suspend heavy, hardened soil, making its removal both faster, and more complete, with fewer passes of the floor tool.

Available in 1 gal and 5 gal pails.

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