Citra Clean - A Natural Solvent Detergent Cleaner * 100 % active

Forms a white emulsion when diluted with water. Removes substances formerly only removed by hazardous solvents. So effective it seems magical. This product is a fantastic solvent detergent cleaner for removing road tar, grease, asphalt, sticky tape residue, tree pitch, bug residue, and normally difficult to remove non water soluble organic soils. This product is 100% active and contains citrus extracts and other biodegradable environmentally - friendly ingredients which are fully emulsifiable in water. Citra Clean-A does not contain harmful VOC, hazardous solvents, petroleum distillates, methylene chloride, or chlorinated solvents. Safe for use by people on both fabric and hard surfaces and does not harm car paint. Presently used by professionals and government agencies to remove the soils formed above.

Available in 1 gal.

Citra Clean - A Label

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