Firefog 404 Thermal Fogging Compound - Double Action Deodorizer

No overly sweet smells. No heavy oily odor. Firefog 404 employs the latest chemical technology to effectively neutralize smoke odors and a variety of organic malodor. Firefog 404 works with a combination of multi phase odor counteractants and lightly scented air fresheners. Firefog 404 does not rely on sweet or heavy masking smells but does impart a pleasant, lasting fresh and clean fragrance. A special petroleum-based smoke odor and malodor control formula for use in the gas and electric hot foggers and thermal foggers. It will eliminate odors in homes. buildings. automobiles. etc. When used with a hot fogger. it will neutralize the odor-producing impurities deposited by smoke.

Available in 1 gal and 5 gal pails.

Firefog 404 Label

MSDS for Firefog 404