Haitian Kleen Upholstery Shampoo for Haitian and Cotton Fabrics

Biodegradable. Reduces and eliminates browning. Formulated specifically to clean natural fibers, cotton, and Haitian upholstery fabrics. Cleans without strong odors associated with other cleaners. Haitian Kleen can also effectively correct most previously browned Haitian or other cotton fabrics.

A balanced shampoo for natural fibers that cleans with a slightly acidic pH (5 to 6). This product will reduce or eliminate the occurrences of browning and water marking.

Proper drying is very important to successfully clean cotton fabrics. With direct air flow from a fan or air moving device, the air is moved across the fabric, NOT into it. This allows the air to lift the water off the fabric and into the ambient air space.

Available in 1 gal and 5 gal pails.

Haitian Kleen Label

MSDS for Haitian Kleen