Neutra-Solv Advanced Formula Upholstery Cleaning Pre-Spray

A new blend of special water compatible solvents and sophisticated surfactants that will attack and suspend oily soils like nothing you've seen before. A neutral pH solution that is gentle to all carpets. fabric. and to the operator. No harsh fumes or alkalinity! Packaged as a concentrate that is diluted 1: 10 with water.

Upholstery cleaning chemicals must be aggressive enough to tackle heavy soil, yet gentle enough to be safe on a wide variety of fabrics. In developing the new Advanced Formula Neutra-Solv, we kept these characteristics in mind. making sure we had fast acting, free rinsing cleaning agents that are not going to contribute to dye bleeding, browning, or texture change problem. Safe. No ammonia or chlorinated solvents to discomfort operator.

Available in 1 gal and 5 gal pails.

Neutra-Solv Label

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