Floor Sealer

Floor Sealer produces an extremely tough and pliable acrylic film on any substrate. It has much better adhesive properties than regular floor finishes. Floor substrates can vary considerably. They can be porous or nonporous, rough or smooth, dull or glossy, old or new. Normally, floor finishes are not designed to perform in all possible situations. Floor Sealer provides a foundation between the floor substrate which allows the finish to adhere and level properly thereby giving optimum performance.

Floor Sealer is an excellent seal, used by itself, for concrete, paver tiles and other extremely porous floors where an acrylic floor finish is not required. It helps provide water resistance and soil retardation. Concrete floors sealed with Floor Sealer are easier to keep clean and maintained. For extra shine and protection, follow Floor Sealer with one or two coats of Quick Gloss Finish.

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